Imposter Syndrome – A Motivation Killer

Imposter syndrome is the belief that, despite all of your professional successes, you don’t deserve your position and that, as a result, you are afraid to take chances for fear of failing.

Imposter syndrome symptoms can be particularly severe when you’re trying something new, like working at your first job. To uncover treatments for this damaging syndrome and give you the self-assurance you need to succeed.

How to avoid impostor syndrome?

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Examine your perception of reality:

It would be best first to become aware of your negative ideas to overcome impostor syndrome. The ones where you presume that your coworkers think you’re stupid and take every scowl or refusal to invite you to lunch as proof of this assumption.

When this kind of thinking pops up, it’s crucial to acknowledge that it’s only a notion, not a statement of reality. So make a self-affirming remark.

Keep a record of your successes and talents:

It is simple to become preoccupied with your to-do list, full email, errors, and flaws and lose sight of your successes and qualities.

List all your accomplishments and qualities that make you particularly suitable for your position so that it is always fresh in your memory.

Establish a network of allies at work:

Isolating oneself from getting honest and affirming feedback from others is the worst thing impostor syndrome sufferers can do. Instead, develop strong bonds with your coworkers so that you have somebody to spend lunch with and rely on for assistance, especially as you adjust to being a rookie.

By following the given stance, one can start working on their efforts in order to reduce the tendencies of the same.


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