The importance of self awareness in building your leadership effectiveness.

The law of the jungle says “only the cleverest and strongest people in our society stay alive or succeed”, similarly in the highly competitive culture many of us tend to operate with this belief that we must exhibit ourselves possessing all the knowledge else others can question our abilities, which can fade our effectiveness as leaders

At the same time, we have observed numerous executive careers ruined by making this belief a ritual and taking crazy risks while not reading the signs or not paying the heed to the messages others were sending to them.

The reality is leaders, like all human beings, don’t have all the answers and are often wrong or fundamentally imperfect, the only difference is that the most successful are aware of this and knowing this makes them successful.

Self-Awareness is one of the most important ingredient for leadership , it helps you take right measures and do a great work, because you know how well you are currently doing, makes you aware of your blind spots and help you work on the previous mistakes to address them, it allows you to identify the gaps in your management skills and expose the areas that need additional work, these understandings help you in taking right decisions and help you in getting more effective in motivating the people to work towards positive outcome.

Learning to be self aware isn’t always easy but once you understand and master it you get far fetching results on leadership skills and create much better business culture for the people working with you.

Whatever role you are playing, be a manager, professional, teacher, or a student, in order to be a leader you have be self-aware enough to lead yourself first.

But the real challenge lies in the difficulty to see yourself from the others eyes, hence start taking Feedbacks, there are several ways to take feedbacks, take some time out for yourself and reflect on the day’s event, this will help you in understanding the pattern and behavior people have towards you, introspect the actions you have taken and how you dealt with a tough situation, work on your listening skills , check when was the last time you have spent time hearing your team mate out, when was the last time a water cooler session happened with your subordinate.

When leaders pretend that they know it all and don’t admit their mistakes, that create negative environment for themselves and their organizations, Contrariwise when one is self-aware enough to accept their shortcomings it opens the gates for new avenues and opportunities

Make a note, organizations benefit far more from leaders who acknowledge what they are not aware of than from leaders who pretend to know it all.

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