Time to wear the HR tag as HeRo

My HR Friends,

What we are seeing today might be the toughest time we have seen in this age, and everyone in their respective role is trying to help humanity survives.

its also a very tough time for businesses and I feel that the responsibility to keep the momentum going lies on HR professionals like us, we are playing the role to help the entrepreneurs and employees to sail out of this problem together, wherein both understand the gravity of matter and support each other, rather some try to take benefit out of this situation 

There is a common question in HR circles these days about salary cuts and layoffs. I think as much as this is a business decision, I still would persist you to push the business consider the previous accounting books before taking this decision, and in case this really has to happen and becomes an unavoidable choice. Following points can be considered :

1. This Communication should only be done by the top leadership of the company, preferably the CEO.

2. Management to Lead by example and mid management’s inputs should be considered before communication

3. Should be done through a webinar/online conference mode. email or verbal communication should be strictly avoided

4. Most important, while communicating about this the leader should connect with employees, through stories, sharing his wisdom and ask them to contribute towards it, not just declare. 

As much as we all know this is a very sensitive topic and our bosses, CEOs, Leaders would definitely look upto us to help them find answers to address this problem and it’s our time to play the role to make our bosses, people, companies and humanity win. 

Time to wear the tag of HR as HeRo 😊


Piyush Khaitan