Employer Branding Will Evolve in 5 Ways in the Next Year

The economy is suffering, hiring is sluggish, and corporate budgets are constrained. Is it time to cut back on employer branding?

Astute talent experts understand that building brand awareness and sustaining a favourable image in the eyes of applicants and employees needs patience. Companies who invest more in their branding today will be better positioned to compete when the talent market comes up.

An applicant may require up to 40 touchpoints before considering applying for a position with your organisation. This is an excellent moment to get ahead of the competition.”

These are a few significant employer branding trends to be mindful of:

How you manage layoffs has a significant influence on your employer brand.
Businesses spend money and effort to build a reputation for having a caring and compassionate workplace culture. If a layoff is handled incorrectly, that image might suffer greatly.

It is critical to be sensitive and truthful in your discussions, and to assist individuals who are departing as much as possible.

Stability is the new must-have Attribute.
It’s normal for workers to be concerned about changing employment during times of economic turmoil. Applicants will want to know that your organisation is financially secure and dedicated to keeping its obligations to employees.

Employers will need to continue to communicate their social values
Companies that wish to highlight their commitment to values now have some additional options at their disposal. Businesses may now add a Commitments section to their LinkedIn company profiles to demonstrate their commitment to values such as DEI, environmental sustainability, work-life balance, social impact and more.

Still offering flexible work options? Flex it
Candidates consistently express a desire to be allowed to pick where they work and when they work.

Take advantage of this dynamic. If you’re devoted to delivering work-life balance and flexible work arrangements to your workers, make it clear in your employer branding efforts.

Email marketing is regaining popularity.
An old-school marketing strategy that has lost its appeal in recent years is regaining favour. Mariano Aragunde, IBM’s digital leader for recruitment marketing, believes it’s time for employer branding professionals to reconsider email marketing.

Finally, the finest employment branding will highlight your distinct features.
To remain competitive in the next year, businesses will need to do a better job of emphasising what makes their company special.

Next, ask yourself: What are the differentiating traits that would make applicants see themselves working at this company?

Teach your recruiters how to respond to applicants’ queries and concerns. The idea is for your company to communicate a consistent and transparent message that fosters trust.


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